About Us

The purpose of the National Association of Masonic Scouters is to foster and develop support for the Boy Scouts of America by and among Freemasons while upholding the tenets of Freemasonry.

This includes, but is not limited to, encouraging Masonic Lodges and other Masonic
organizations to charter and support BSA units. NAMS will seek to provide opportunities for Masonic fellowship at Scouting events and encourage the awarding of the Daniel Carter Beard Award to deserving Masons while supporting the Scouting movement at all levels.

Welcome from the Past President

I was one of a handful of individuals who helped to found the National Association of Masonic Scouters in Atlanta at the 2007 National Annual Meeting of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). This was the offshoot of an impromptu gathering of Masons at the 2005 National Jamboree that proved to be very successful.

It seemed to be a natural and positive outcome to establish a permanent link between the Masonic fraternity and that of the Scouting movement.

I would like to invite you to join NAMS, either as an annual member or as a lifetime member.

Full membership in NAMS is open to individuals who are both Masons and Scouters. Associates are individuals who are either Masons or Scouters or, in some cases, are outsiders who wish to support our activities. NAMS has been a community support organization for Scouting like other community or fraternal organizations, whose missions align with those of the BSA. Where permitted by their Grand Lodge entities, several individual Masonic lodges or organizations have been allowed to charter partner with Scouting packs, troops and crews.

We are striving to achieve various levels of acceptance or recognition from each Grand Lodge jurisdiction to encourage more memberships in NAMS and to increase awareness of the wholesome and morally upright program of Scouting. To that aim we encourage the promotion and presentation of the Daniel Carter Beard Masonic Scouter Award to deserving Masons active in Scouting.

Won’t you consider joining us and strengthening our rolls? Please check the Grand Lodge status of your own state and, if you are able, actively petition them to consider making NAMS a part of their support of Scouting.

I strongly believe the future of Masonry will rely on attracting young members from organizations like the BSA to replace those members of our craft who are no longer with us. The Scouting program needs good, grounded Masons and Masonry needs the Scouts of today to be its leaders of tomorrow.

With you in Brotherhood,

Alan Smason, P.M.
Past President