The National Association of Masonic Scouters is in the process of receiving recognition/endorsement from the Grand Lodges from which we draw our members.

The goal for this effort is to assure those Masons who are interested in joining NAMS that they will not find themselves at odds with their Grand Lodge rules and regulations. Some Grand Lodges (Texas, Michigan, California, etc.) have specific edicts that, left unchanged, would limit participation. In these cases we have/are/will be working to introduce the proper additions to the specific Grand Lodge edicts. In these cases we are, based on my understanding of their edicts, "recognition."

Most Grand Lodges do not have such edicts and therefore there is no automatic prohibition of a Mason joining NAMS. In these cases we are asking for a letter of endorsement from the Grand Master/Grand Lodge that 1) states that membership in NAMS is not in violation of their edicts and 2) after proper review, they have agreed that the goals of NAMS are in harmony with general Masonic principles and their members may feel free to support BSA through membership in NAMS. In these cases (such as NJ, WA, VT and AL) the best term for this support is "endorsement."

Our aim is not to cause confusion within the fraternity of Freemasonry, but to increase the impact of our (sizable) individual efforts to support the goals and programs of the Boy Scouts of America.

If you wish to assist NAMS in receiving approval from your Grand Lodge please contact Wayne Sirmon for additional information.

To view the supporting documents from the Grand Lodges which have already approve NAMS for their members, click .


   Grand Lodge recognition/endorsement completed


    Grand Lodge has received request and is under consideration


    Contact with Grand Lodge has been made by NAMS


    Grand Lodge requires a change in Masonic Code and has been submitted


    Grand Lodge requires a change in Masonic Code - NOT yet submitted


    Grand Lodge does not currently participate in the Daniel Carter Beard Masonic Scouter Award



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